Packaging Intern

Company Name:
Packaging Intern
Tracking Code
Job Description
Provide support for competitive product analysis.
Create and maintain engineering records of the following: procurement orders, shop and test work orders (schedule and tracking), inspection data, and disposal records.
Document all test results, write test result summaries for management review.
Create product guidelines (master specifications) to instruct vendors in production NAAM products.
Work directly with vendors to test and implement cost reduction initiatives.
Work with independent test facilities to ensure quality of packaging items; resolve issues with corrugated and plastic materials.
Create packaging instructions and barcode label formatting guides for manufacturing plants and vendors.
Packaging data input (such as package dimensions, product weight, pallet quantities, UPC codes) into Excel spreadsheets and customer databases.
Update packaging prints using 3-D CAD software (CATIA), usually text additions and updates.
Required Skills
High proficiency computer knowledge in Microsoft office applications.
Ability to work independently with minimal direct supervision.
Understanding of basic design and function of Tenneco products.
Able to read standard tape measure/ruler down to 1/8 of an inch.
Required Experience
Working toward at Bachelor''s degree inMechanical Engineering or Packaging Engineering.
Job Location
Monroe, Michigan, United States
Position Type

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